Joint us to take advantage of the best of Iran

Cities like Tehran as the capital of Iran having distinguished museums, Hamedan a city date back to several centuries before Christ, the summer capital of the Median and Achaemenid , called Ekbatan or Hegmataneh; meaning a place of assembly, Kermanshah city with its long history in the Persia which is attributed to antiquity, gorgeous sceneries, and rich culture, Lorestan a Province as the part of Zagros Mountains and one of the first civilizations for the ancient people and finally Ahwaz, old city and rich in culture, are our destinations in a colorful season.

Min. Pax: 15

Scheduled Dates: October- November- December

Tour Duration: 10 days

Tour Includes: Entrance Fees/ Tour Guide/ Hotel/Accommodations / Insurance / Meals / Tips / Transfers & Driver / Tourist Visa

Day 1  : 

 Arrive in Tehran, our representative will meet & assist you on your arrival, transfer to hotel. Overnight in Tehran

Day 2  : 

After breakfast we will visit Saad Abad Palace (residence of the last King of Iran) , launch and have a rest in hotel then visiting Azadi Museum  a  magnificent  tower  that  was  built  in  1971  and  is  the symbol of Tehran, Carpet Museum having two galleries that feature an array of Persian carpets dating from as far back as the Bronze Age to the present day and dinner.    Overnight in Tehran

Day 3 : 

 Having breakfast then, visit of Golestan Palace (Palace of Flower built between 1524 and 1576), after launch visiting Jewelry Museum and having dinner in Bame Tehran (one of the nearest mountains to Tehran)    Overnight in Tehran

Day 4  : 

  An early start takes us on a scenic drive to Hamedan , one of the oldest inhabited towns in the world. before arrival to Hamedan we will have a stop in Qazvin City to visit Kolah Farangi, an old monument. The tour of Hamedan will include a stop at the charming waterfall Ganjnameh, Avicenna Memorial & Baba Taher Tombs. Next follows a visit to Ester & Murducai the most important Jewish pilgrimage sight in Iran, as well as a visit to the famous 14th century Stone Lion.    Overnight in Hamedan

Day 5  : 

 We depart in the morning for Kermanshah via Bi-Sotoun, where the famous bas-relief are carved out of a dramatic mountain. This region hosts the most interesting and famous archeological sites in Iran. We view many Achaemenian inscriptions including one of about 1200 lines where we get insight into the hard fought battle of Darius , defeating the governors who tried to dismantle the Empire. Leaving the famous Tablets of Darius we visit the Temple of Anahita , the goddess of abundance and the guardian of water in ancient Iran. In the evening we visit the traditional bazaar in Kermanshah.   Overnight: Kermanshahan

Day 6  : 

 In the morning we will drive to Khoram Abad to visit Flak-ol-Aflak Castle The gigantic structure which is built during the Sassanid era. Then we will drive to Ilam City to see its amazing nature including: Talabe Chakar, Abshar Gachan, Kakh Falahati, Daryache  Sade Ilam.   Overnight in Ilam

Day 7 : 

 After check out we drive to Dare Shahr, a small city rich in nature. We will visit historical places such as Holy Shrine of Emamzade Saleh Majin, Ghale Sheikh Makhoo a Sasanid Castle.  Overnight in Dare Shahr

Day 8 : 

 Drive to Dezfool to visit Pol Dokhtar (a Sasanid bridge) and Tange Bahram an amazing and memorable canyon attributed to Bahram- Pourgoshasb, one of the commanders of Sassanid army.  Overnight in Dezfool

Day 9  : 

 We travel to Ahvaz. En route, we stop at Susa , one of the oldest archaeological sites in Iran. This prehistoric settlement (from at least 4000 B.C. and an important Elamite city) reached peak under the reign of Untash Gal , who built Susa as his administrative capital and founded Tchogha Zanbil ziggurat temple as his religious center. We will visit Tomb of Daniel the prophet, The first Apadana palace of Darius the Great, Shush Museum, Then, drive to Shushtar to visit Shadorvan Bridge, Waterfalls & Watermills.  Overnight in Ahwaz

Day 10  : 

 Check out and drive to Airport.

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